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Welcome to the DE Razors website. Many men are taking the decision to move over to DE razors nowadays, largely thanks to the rising cost of cartridge razors, the poor quality shave they give and finally because we are becoming more image conscious.

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DE Razors are made by several different companies and usually cost from $10 upwards. However, the blades are easily replaced and are far cheaper than even disposable razors so are the smart choice if you want a close, consistent shave while also reducing razor burn and the chance of ingrowing hairs.

More on Double Edge Razors

So what are DE Razors? Quite simply, they are double edge safety razors. The replaceable, double edge blade is actually inside a protective metal frame which keeps the skin safe from everything except the sharp edge of the razor blade. There is a safety bar underneath which you can use to get the position and angle right before you start shaving which also helps to prevent accidents. This is especially true for beginners as once you get the hang of it you will probably not need to use the safety bar as much..

Other things you may need

If you use a DE razor then you obviously take pride in shaving and your appearance. In order to get the best shave possible, you will also need to make sure you have the following. This article will also outline how to shave properly.